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Good exercise during the past week.

My last post was about how I had a good bike ride in the wind. The following day I had a very nice run but I could feel some tired mmuscles following the bike ride. It was rather windy on the run as well but I had a good run anyways. (Sunday April 11th) Distance: 5.32 km Time: 00:27:23 Average speed: 05:08 min/km Average heart rate: 176 bpm URL: Wednesday I got in another bike ride and I managed to bump up the distance a little. It was still rather windy but I had a very nice ride anyways. I do get sore while riding but usually there isn't much left the following day. (Wednesday April 14th) Distance: 27.04 km Time: 01:03:46 Average speed: 25.4 km/h Average heart rate: 159 bpm URL: Yesterday I got in another run. Still just my standard run of a little more than 5k but it went well. I didn't get to complete the entire run up the final run into Viskinge as my son came running to meet me. Another day with some wind, I guess it is just that time of year! (Saturday April 18th) Distance: 5.25 km Time: 00:27:56 Average speed: 05:19 min/km Average heart rate: 174 bpm URL:

First bike ride of the season

Yesterday I got my bike ready and took my first ride of the season. It was a very windy day and I only took a short ride. Just as I expected it totally kicked my ass and the wind certainly didn't make it any easier. Besides the wind it was a little chilly but once I got going I didn't think too much about that. I hope to get some good rides in soon and get my butt in good riding shape over the summer. Distance: 21.64 km Time: 00:54:24 Average speed: 23.9 km/h Average heart rate: 161 bpm URL: Comparing the stats to the ride I did August 29th of last year I have gotten good and well out of biking shape. I hope some good training will get it back fast.

Finally another run

I finally got on my running shoes to go for a run in nature. For the past 4 weeks or so I have been trying to use the gym at work a couple of times a week. I have had good use of the rowing machine and the treadmill but neither can make up for or prepare you to run up and down hills, the wind and so on. Besides running on the treadmill is about the most boring form of exercise I can possibly imagine. Well back to my run yesterday. It was very windy and I thought I would end up with a very poor time but at least the sun was out. I am still trying to get back into shape after a long winter with the flu and various colds. Starting a new job and the arrival of our second son has not made it easy to get the right amount of exercise in. The run went very well and I overall ran faster than I had expected I would. Distance: 5.33 km Time: 00:27:17 Average speed: 05:07 min/km Average heart rate: 180 bpm URL: Well I need to get some stuff ordered so I can get my bike ready to take it out for a ride. Hopefully that will be next weekend but who knows if that will go according to plan.