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First fishing trip (but not last)

So I went fishing for the first time here in Denmark on my own. I have been fishing in DK before but it has probably been 20 years. This was my first time fishing for sea trout and even though I didn't catch anything but seaweed I had a good good time. I went with the following setup. Pole: Abu Garcia Vendetta Reel: Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Orra SX Waders: Kinetec waders and wading boots Lure: Random Hansen lure (for sea trout) I really liked the Orra reel. It casts very smooth and I hope it will serve me well. I have read about some quality issues with the reel but I hope that wont be me. It has been a good experience fishing like this and I believe I will be doing this quite a bit more over the summer. Now I will just have to learn how to break apart and reassemble the reel for good and thorough cleaning and lubrication. Next time (hopefully tomorrow) I hope I will at least hook something that resembles a fish. :-)