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Complaint about DSB

Once again I made the mistake of thinking that it would be a good idea to take the train somewhere here in Denmark. I was going from my home i Viskinge to Bred on Fyn to pick up our new car. Sadly there are no really good connections from my home town that way so I got a lift by car to Slagelse. I was at Slagelse train station around 10 min before planned departure. I went to the kiosk and bough my ticket (kr. 171,-) and went down to wait for my train. When I got to the platform the screen said that my train was 25 minutes late. Already here I knew I was fucked. I knew that by my schedule I had around 15 minutes before my connecting train in Odense meaning that I would be around 10 minutes late. Well finally my train arrived and just as expected I was around 10 minutes late for my train to Bred so I had the pleasure of waiting 50 minutes for my next train. So a train trip that should have taken 1 hour 7 minutes ended up taking 2 hours 7 minutes. I don't know what the problem was and honestly I don't give a shit either. I am just bound to hate public transportation. I don't know how DSB or the Danish government can possibly think that they can convince Danes to primarily use public transportation. First off taking the train is way too expensive. I you are 2 people I would say that you break even taking the car and more people than that it is definitely cheaper than the train and you are not at the mercy of DSB. Secondly it always takes longer to go anywhere by train especially if you include waiting time at either end and transportation too and from the station. So once again a big f... you to DSB and their lousy service. I may try the train again in another 6-12 months if I have no other option.


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