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Hunting for a new laptop

So for a couple of years I have had to put up with a 10" Asus netbook. It has served me well but it is far from perfect. The screen is too small, the resolution too low and the keyboard too cramped, not to mention that it is slow. I can't play the movies I would like to watch and overall it is just not good enough but still it has served me well. I have spent countless hours looking at laptops. I even bought a Asus UX31E when I was visiting the US only to have it be defective. I have looked at ultrabooks and real laptops. All have had something wrong with them. Primarily I think the resolution is too low on them. 1366x768 would have been acceptable in the early to mid 90'ies. 1920x1080 would be acceptable but I still would prefer more. When Apple released the retina display Macbook Pros I was finally impressed. What I was not impressed with was the general issues people reported when it came to running Linux on them. I want something that can run Linux. Then recently Google released the Chromebook Pixel. Finally a laptop with a proper display and it runs Linux but there is a catch. The standard version has 32GB storage and the LTE version has 64GB since they are designed for use with Google's cloud storage. I do not believe in the use of cloud storage (another ranting blog post should be dedicated to this subject) but I could probably live with 128GB even if I would prefer 256GB or 512GB. At least it has arrived in a non-Apple packaging hopefully we will soon see more high end laptops with resolutions of 2560x1600 or 2560x1700 (or even higher?).


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