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Finally got to upload some runs

Life has been somewhat busy that past month. I really though it would all slow down after handing in my thesis but then there was the thesis defense and finally I had to do a 27 hour work day from Sunday at 10am to Monday at 1pm because of some problems at work. Today I got to do a run with a coworker. It went really smooth even though we weren't super fast or anything it was really nice. It was cold this morning (just around freezing) but no wind or anything to make it miserable. Now I just hope I can get in a good run this weekend, preferably a 10k or more. Distance: 6.59 km Time: 00h:35m:33s Average speed: 05:23 min/km Average heart rate: 177 bpm URL: Here are some links to the few other runs I did this month. I really need to get back to running some more. Now that I start full time at work on Monday it will hopefully help me get out at least 2 times a week.


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