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Good exercise during the past week.

My last post was about how I had a good bike ride in the wind. The following day I had a very nice run but I could feel some tired mmuscles following the bike ride. It was rather windy on the run as well but I had a good run anyways. (Sunday April 11th) Distance: 5.32 km Time: 00:27:23 Average speed: 05:08 min/km Average heart rate: 176 bpm URL: Wednesday I got in another bike ride and I managed to bump up the distance a little. It was still rather windy but I had a very nice ride anyways. I do get sore while riding but usually there isn't much left the following day. (Wednesday April 14th) Distance: 27.04 km Time: 01:03:46 Average speed: 25.4 km/h Average heart rate: 159 bpm URL: Yesterday I got in another run. Still just my standard run of a little more than 5k but it went well. I didn't get to complete the entire run up the final run into Viskinge as my son came running to meet me. Another day with some wind, I guess it is just that time of year! (Saturday April 18th) Distance: 5.25 km Time: 00:27:56 Average speed: 05:19 min/km Average heart rate: 174 bpm URL:


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