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Run run run

Same trip as most of my runs. It was hot and I didn't feel as strong when I started. My heart rate came up faster than normal and I struggled keeping it down. Distance: 5.32 km Time: 25m:48s Average speed: 4m:51s/km Average heart rate: 180 bpm URL: This run gave me the idea to include average heart rate in the posts so I can track how high it has been from time to time.

Windy bike ride

I had a very nice ride even if it was hard at times because of the wind. I am still getting myself into bike shape so I am not trying to increase the distance too much. I started getting sore after 25-27km but had no real pain or anything. I tried a different route. I went down to Tissø but didn't realize until I rode into Ubby that it was very close to be the same route I have tried previously just in opposite direction. Distance: 35.23 km Time: 1h:10m:59s Average speed: 29.8 km/h Average heart rate: 161 bpm URL: Did some readjusting on the saddle when I came home so looking forward to trying this change out.

A good run

I took a 5km run this morning to keep myself running and test my knee. I am recovering from a Runner's Knee injury and I need to be careful. It was a good run, no pain and no problems. I still think I need to go by the running store again and get myself tested to see if my shoes are right for me. Distance: 5.34km Time: 26m:00s Average speed: 4m:52s/km URL:

Bike ride with difficulties

I rode my bike today but not for as long as I would have liked since I had some technical issues. distance: 24.09km time: 50m 28s link: Weather was awesome with very little wind. Technical issue consisted in first me being a clut and not getting in my pedal right after having stopped to cross Skovvejen. The misstep resulted in me sitting down on the tip of my saddle and forcing the tip down. Since I had no tools with me I couldn't fix it on the spot so I had to ride the rest of the way with my saddle tilted too far down. The good thing about this is that I realized I like riding with my saddle tilted down a little more than the original setting. Second problem came shortly after where the chain fell off when switching to the small chainring. The rest of the trip was without serious problems. I am still having some minor adjustment issues. When I am on the large chainring and smallest sprocket the chain rubs against the front derailleur. I am also having some minor issues with switching to the large chainring. I need to either figure this out or take it to the store where I bought it and make them fix it. I am still trying to get my bicycle vocabulary up to date. cranksets, chainrings, cassettes and all are still sort of a jumble of words to me.

A blog

I have long been wanting to make my own blog but never got around to it. Now finally I have done something about it. Today I downloaded Serendipity, installed and configured it. It was actually very easy. Over the next couple of months or something I will post about my running, bicycling and maybe also swimming at one point. Since I am also a computer nerd I will most likely include nerd post about computers and computer related issues. It is also possible I will write about other stuff if I feel I have something to write about. If you read it I hope you will enjoy, if you don't that is your prerogative and I can't say you will hurt my feelings. /Mark