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Hard bike ride in the wind

Many of my exercise entries mention that it was a windy day, I wonder if I would have really noticed the wind if it hadn't been for me exercising in it. Well today was another windy day and it somewhat kicked my ass but I enjoy a challenging ride. Besides the wind there was no complaints at all. The ride wasn't as long as I would have liked since we had a family party to attend to. Distance: 31.68 km Time: 01h:08m:57s Average speed: 27.6 km/h Average heart rate: 152 bpm URL:

Another 11k today

I had a very rough solo run. I was really struggling with feeling dehydrate even though I had a lot to drink before the run. It was a very nice day with some wind and the temperature was a little higher than I usually prefer. Next time I do a run like this I will bring something to drink. Distance: 11.00 km Time: 1h:00m:14s Average speed: 05:28 min/km Average heart rate: 176 bpm URL:

Work run with Ole

A coworker and I did a good little run. Pace was very acceptable for a morning run and we both had energy for a high pace/speed finale at the end. No complaints on this run. I like running with Ole since he is a better and more experienced runner than myself and he can really push me. Distance: 6.39 km Time: 32m:38s Average speed: 05:06 min/km Average heart rate: 174 bpm URL: Friday I am doing another run with Ole and then I will try to get in a 10-11k run during the weekend.

After vacation bike ride

It was a very windy day and I could really feel how I eat too much crap like candy, ice cream and fatty foods during my vacation. Energy level was low and I struggled more than normal. Sadly the bike season is coming to an end sooner than later and I have not nearly gotten the distance in on the bike that I wanted. I got to work on that next year. I hope I can get my old mountain bike in acceptable condition for me to ride it some during the winter. Distance: 34.85 km Time: 01h:17m:00s Average speed: 27.2 km/h Average heart rate: 154 bpm URL:

Second vacation run

My second run during my little vacation was much better. I decided to do most of it on paved roads and just do a little part in the middle on the beach. This worked out really well and I got in a good run. I also learned that running right at the waters edge is a really good idea since the sand i much firmer there. I do think that if I wanted to do more runs like these on the beach a pair of lighter running shoes than the ones I have would be a really good idea since I probably don't need that much support and impact absorption. Distance: 7.38 km Time: 40m:06s Average speed: 05:26 min/km Average heart rate: 174 bpm URL: Funny how I during two runs had a lower average heart rate than normal when I considered them pretty hard.

Beach/dune run

During my vacation in Jylland I did two runs. The first one was rather hard. It was my first run on a beach and I kept running in the soft sand so it was really hard. When I turned around I ran up in the dunes instead since there was a little trail and I therefore expected it to be easier. Man was I wrong about that. The dune trail was soft like the beach but just kept going up and down up and down so I was completely spent after less than 5k. Distance: 4.76 km Time: 29m:01s Average speed: 06:05 min/km Average heart rate: 172 bpm URL:

Finally broke 10k again

After a good month with some longer runs I finally decided to do a 10k run. I looked at my options and tried to roughly plan the route using I Form's Ruteplanner. It was a good run where I maintained a high cadence. I had no problems whatsoever and I enjoyed it a lot. Distance: 11.08 km Time: 58m:24s Average speed: 05:16 min/km Average heart rate: 176 bpm URL:

Kalundborg kommune's new trash system

Let me start out. About a month ago our kommune (city/county region) implemented a new trash system. Our old system was a trash can with a powerful paper bag to hold the trash. When they came to pick it up they took the entire paper bag out leaving nothing behind. It was nice, clean and it worked. The new system is a two compartment plastic container with 2 wheels and a lid. One compartment is for all the biodegradable stuff like food, the other compartment is for everything else. Inside we have two bins, a small bin for the bio stuff which we get some special biodegradable cornstarch bags and for the regular trash we just use regular plastic bags. Our trash is picked up every two weeks so we will end up with 2 week old rotting food at the bottom of our trash can. Within the first week my wife foresaw issues with the bio bags. When we would put them in the bio compartment they would have a tendency to get stuck. We both had a feeling this would lead to problems. This morning I was helping my wife load up the car so she and a friend could go on a little trip. My wife who is not very squeamish went to put something in our trash can and I hear her yelling "eww eww eww". She comes back to me and tells me that our trash can is crawling with maggots. I know how she feels about maggots so I of course assume she is exaggerating. I go to investigate and I have to conclude she is right. Our trash can is literally crawling with maggots. The reason why? We had 4 bags stuck at the bottom of the biodegradable compartment in a soup of what I assume is rainwater, rotten food and maggots. The bags made from cornstarch looked like they had started decomposing already. I then go inside to find a phone number to call about this. I find it, call and get to talk to a lady who's only responses are: "Yes, we know there is a problem.", "We are working on it.", "Can't you take out the bags put them in trash bag and dump them in the regular waste compartment?" and "You will have to clean out your trash can yourself." I have now finished cleaning out our trash can gotten the bags into a new trash bag and done as instructed. I have never in my life been this close to throwing up though from sight and smell. I have cleaned up dog shit, dog puke, human shit and human puke but never before have I gagged like this thinking I was gonna throw up. I spoke to one of my neighbors and he says that this problem has been the hot topic in the local news paper he subscribes to so we are obviously not the only ones who have had this problem. If I ever experience something this gross every again I will start bagging up the biodegradable stuff myself and take it to the dump where it will go into the container for stuff going to the incinerator. I certainly don't ever want to have to deal with maggots in my trash like that ever again. Another option is of course that I remove the compartment divider from the trash can and put it all in heavy sealed plastic bags. My big questions are: How on earth can you implement a system like this? Why didn't you do a test group first to work out the kinks in a new system before implementing it? Who on earth was the architect that designed the trash cans? Maybe he should have consulted an engineer? Who thought that having 2 week old rotting food in bags that can rot themselves was a good idea? Maybe they should have tried to leave food remnants in a trash can like this in the summer heat for 2 weeks just to test the idea? I have many more questions but right now I just wish for the old trash system to be used again. I can't see any good, bad or mediocre fixes that would real solve these problems. Thanks a lot Kalundborg kommune, what brilliant trash system you came up with!!!

Windy bike ride

Today's ride started out with good speed and what seemed like lots of energy, but it was only the wind helping me out. Once I got the wind against me I started having to work a lot hard but it was overall a good ride. Distance: 32.88 km Time: 01h:07m:25s Average speed: 29.3 km/h Average heart rate: 153 bpm URL: Side note, I finally figured out how to correctly adjust the gears on my bike. The one that had caused me the most headache was the rear derailleur. I really think a bike like that should come with an instruction manual but I guess the bike shops wouldn't make as much money if people could do all the maintenance themselves.