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Light progressive run

Today I got it right and started out slow but then it was almost too slow and my second km was over 6 min. I actually struggled with getting my speed up and I was generally a little slower per km that I wanted to be. But I got my heart rate up to 194 at the 8km mark (which is at the top of a rather long incline) and then it was time to slow down again. There was a little wind but not too much and it was overcast but no rain so generally I can't complain for it being a late September day here in Denmark. I had no problems with my knee or any other body parts today so I think I can consider myself as ready as I will be for Sunday October 4th. I just hope I will have my thesis ready so I can go run. Distance: 10.68 km Time: 58m:26s Average speed: 05:28 min/km Average heart rate: 173 bpm URL:

Long run in preparation for Eremitageløbet.

It had been a while since I last did a longer run so I decided it was time for one. If I want to be able to do a decent run on October 4th this year I need to know that I can handle the 13.3km. The run started out very rough due to the wind. I had decided to start out easy and try to do a progressive run but that proved to be impossible. For the first 4km or so I struggled against the wind a lot and since that part of the route also has quite a few hills it drove my heart rate up. I decided to just push through since one more or less progressive run is not going to make a difference over the next 2 weeks. The 5km in the middle of the run were very good and luckily the last 2 km which was also against the wind has a lot more trees to provide shelter from the wind. I felt some slight annoyance in my left knee again but nothing serious. I am pretty sure is it just the stress from getting tired fast and then the up and down hill running. Distance: 11.04 km Time: 59m:37s Average speed: 05:23 min/km Average heart rate: 180 bpm URL:

Run to pick up Twig from daycare

I decided to combine picking up Twig from daycare with some exercise. (he was at a different daycare since the daycare mom he usually goes to was ill). I got some funny looks from people during the first about 2km running down to pick him up. I guess it is not everyday people see someone running around with an empty jogger. Maybe they thought I had forgotten or lost the child. Once there I got him strapped into the jogger and we went the longer way home. It was a good run with little wind and the sun was out. If his regular daycare wasn't so far away I would do this more often. Distance: 5.75 km Time: 28m:19s Average speed: 04:55 min/km Average heart rate: 176 bpm URL:

Afternoon run with Twig in the jogger

After Angel picked Twig up from daycare today I decided to take the little man for a run in the jogger. It was a very nice day for it, little wind and the sun was shining. As always it was hard to run with the jogger but both Twig and I enjoyed it. Distance: 5.34 km Time: 27m:30s Average speed: 05:09 min/km Average heart rate: 173 bpm URL:

First attempt at progressive training

My first attempt at this new training form went fairly well.I struggled for the first 2 km with keeping my speed down, maybe that is a sign that I need to start at a slightly higher speed. There was a little wind today but nothing to really worry about, the sun was out and it was just overall a nice day for a run. Distance: 10.63 km Time: 57m:46s Average speed: 05:26 min/km Average heart rate: 173 bpm URL: Next week I hope to attempt this again but try to start out a 5:30 and have my fastest lap around 4:30. We'll see how that works out.

DHL Stafetten

So the day arrived for the run we all trained for at work. My goal was to get under 25min on the 5k and I managed to do that with a good margin. My time is actually from I was handed the baton until I handed it off again which is probably why the distance it slightly off. It was very windy yesterday but it didn't really cause any problems in town. My max heart rate was 195 and my average heart rate on the last kilometer was 194 so I think I pushed myself close to my max. Distance: 5.09 km Time: 23m:56s Average speed: 04:42 min/km Average heart rate: 185 bpm URL: Hopefully I will have some more time to do some interval, progression and other types of training that will help improve my time on runs like this one. I would like to see a time around 22min next year..... we'll see if that is possible.

A windy run with Twig in the jogger

Today was a very windy day or at least it felt that way. It was very hard and I couldn't quite maintain the speed I would have liked but besides that it was a good run. It was warm and sunny so not a bad day at all. Distance: 5.33 km Time: 27m:51s Average speed: 05:13 min/km Average heart rate: 178 bpm URL: I hope this is enough to do a good run on Friday at DHL stafetten.