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Another 11k today

I had a very rough solo run. I was really struggling with feeling dehydrate even though I had a lot to drink before the run. It was a very nice day with some wind and the temperature was a little higher than I usually prefer. Next time I do a run like this I will bring something to drink. Distance: 11.00 km Time: 1h:00m:14s Average speed: 05:28 min/km Average heart rate: 176 bpm URL:

Work run with Ole

A coworker and I did a good little run. Pace was very acceptable for a morning run and we both had energy for a high pace/speed finale at the end. No complaints on this run. I like running with Ole since he is a better and more experienced runner than myself and he can really push me. Distance: 6.39 km Time: 32m:38s Average speed: 05:06 min/km Average heart rate: 174 bpm URL: Friday I am doing another run with Ole and then I will try to get in a 10-11k run during the weekend.

After vacation bike ride

It was a very windy day and I could really feel how I eat too much crap like candy, ice cream and fatty foods during my vacation. Energy level was low and I struggled more than normal. Sadly the bike season is coming to an end sooner than later and I have not nearly gotten the distance in on the bike that I wanted. I got to work on that next year. I hope I can get my old mountain bike in acceptable condition for me to ride it some during the winter. Distance: 34.85 km Time: 01h:17m:00s Average speed: 27.2 km/h Average heart rate: 154 bpm URL:

Second vacation run

My second run during my little vacation was much better. I decided to do most of it on paved roads and just do a little part in the middle on the beach. This worked out really well and I got in a good run. I also learned that running right at the waters edge is a really good idea since the sand i much firmer there. I do think that if I wanted to do more runs like these on the beach a pair of lighter running shoes than the ones I have would be a really good idea since I probably don't need that much support and impact absorption. Distance: 7.38 km Time: 40m:06s Average speed: 05:26 min/km Average heart rate: 174 bpm URL: Funny how I during two runs had a lower average heart rate than normal when I considered them pretty hard.

Beach/dune run

During my vacation in Jylland I did two runs. The first one was rather hard. It was my first run on a beach and I kept running in the soft sand so it was really hard. When I turned around I ran up in the dunes instead since there was a little trail and I therefore expected it to be easier. Man was I wrong about that. The dune trail was soft like the beach but just kept going up and down up and down so I was completely spent after less than 5k. Distance: 4.76 km Time: 29m:01s Average speed: 06:05 min/km Average heart rate: 172 bpm URL:

Finally broke 10k again

After a good month with some longer runs I finally decided to do a 10k run. I looked at my options and tried to roughly plan the route using I Form's Ruteplanner. It was a good run where I maintained a high cadence. I had no problems whatsoever and I enjoyed it a lot. Distance: 11.08 km Time: 58m:24s Average speed: 05:16 min/km Average heart rate: 176 bpm URL:

Windy bike ride

Today's ride started out with good speed and what seemed like lots of energy, but it was only the wind helping me out. Once I got the wind against me I started having to work a lot hard but it was overall a good ride. Distance: 32.88 km Time: 01h:07m:25s Average speed: 29.3 km/h Average heart rate: 153 bpm URL: Side note, I finally figured out how to correctly adjust the gears on my bike. The one that had caused me the most headache was the rear derailleur. I really think a bike like that should come with an instruction manual but I guess the bike shops wouldn't make as much money if people could do all the maintenance themselves.

Solo run at work

I showed up early at work to run with my coworkers just to learn that they went running Thursday instead so I had to run alone. No problem, I had a good relaxing run which suited me well. Distance: 5.87 km Time: 31m:44s Average speed: 11.1km/h = 5:24 min/km Average heart rate: 177 bpm URL: I forgot to switch my watch to running mode which is why Garmin Connect say I burned too many calories.

Back in the saddle on a very windy day

It has been a while since I late to my bike out. I need to get some rain weather tires for it so I can actually take it out on days where it has been raining. I did have a very good ride today, it was hard because of the wind but I am not complaining. Distance: 34.94 km Time: 01h:14m:24s Average speed: 28.2 km/h Average heart rate: 160 bpm URL: