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Solo run at work

I showed up early at work to run with my coworkers just to learn that they went running Thursday instead so I had to run alone. No problem, I had a good relaxing run which suited me well. Distance: 5.87 km Time: 31m:44s Average speed: 11.1km/h = 5:24 min/km Average heart rate: 177 bpm URL: I forgot to switch my watch to running mode which is why Garmin Connect say I burned too many calories.

Back in the saddle on a very windy day

It has been a while since I late to my bike out. I need to get some rain weather tires for it so I can actually take it out on days where it has been raining. I did have a very good ride today, it was hard because of the wind but I am not complaining. Distance: 34.94 km Time: 01h:14m:24s Average speed: 28.2 km/h Average heart rate: 160 bpm URL:

I made it out on the bike again

I got a good little bike ride in today. I enjoyed it a lot even if it was a little rough with some wind at times. I do need to get out on the bike more often though if I want to have a chance of starting to increase my distance. I probably need to ride a little slower and then try to ride further.... maybe I am just pushing too hard. Distance: 28.48 km Time: 58m:04s Average speed: 29.4 km/h Average heart rate: 158 bpm URL:

Hard run with the jogger (yesterday)

I wonder if I will ever get used to running with the jogger. It sure is hard work but I am sure it is good exercise too. Weather was nice, it wasn't too hot and not too cold. I could have wished for a little less wind but on the other hand it could have been a lot worse. Distance: 5.25 km Time: 26m:03s Average speed: 4:58 min/km Average heart rate: 174 bpm URL: Since I am having no more knee problems I think I can safely start increasing distance although I doubt I need to do that with the jogger. I do need to get my ass in shape for Erimitageløbet in October. I just realized that Erimitageløbet is the day before I need to hand in my thesis.....

Real men don't use backups.....

They cry like children when the data goes "bye bye". Yesterday I had an aweful scare. I have for the past 3 years had a dedicated server with Netdirekt and I have had no real complaints. I have had a some minor issues but none of great importance. My server had been up and running for 290+ days without a reboot (which is not uncommon for a Linux server at all) but when I got to work yesterday morning I couldn't access my email or connect to the server via SSH. A quick search on Google told me that I was not the only one having this problem. There was some speculation if this was a network or power problem but in the end people started reporting their servers coming back online but mine was still dead. I took it easy and assumed that it would come back online when it was ready. Several hours later I was still unable to reach it and I started getting worried. What if something like the harddrive had been fried or something. It is after all an old machine with old hardware. I tried going into my online server administration tool and rebooting it but that did nothing. Then I tried to boot it into rescue mode but that didn't work either. At this point I was starting to get really worried because all my email from the last several years are in Maildirs on that server and I access it all via IMAP so I have no local copy. I then wrote a hasty email to Netdirekt technical support and crossed my fingers that it was just because someone forgot to push the start button on my machine. After a little while I could check my email again, access the server via SSH and not long after I received an email that my server was back up and running. Thank you lord of computer hardware for not punishing this fool for not having backup. You would have thought I would have learned my lesson when a had one drive die on me in my desktop which was running Raid0. Luckily back then it was a new setup so I only really lost a little bit of configuration. Today I sat down and set up a simple backup system using rsync, SSH, tar and some simple shell scripting. Why on earth I never did that before I don't know. I even have rotating backups in case of corrupted or unintentionally deleted files. I used as inspiration for most of my scripts. But also the use of pg_dumpall came in handy to make sure I have backup of my Postgresql database. Now I just need a server out on the Internet somewhere with enough space to backup all the most important stuff from my home computers. All things in due time. I am hoping to be able to get my hands on a couple of 146GB harddisks for my IBM System p5 505. I have found some on ebay but the shipping and import taxes scare me a little. I want this computer up and running soon though.

Another early run with my coworkers

It was a very nice day, not too hot, not too cold and not too windy. Performance wasn't too good today. I felt low on energy which also shows on my elevated heart rate. Maybe I should have eaten more breakfast and or had a glass of juice before the run. Distance: 7.47 km Time: 39m:44s Average speed: 5:19 min/km Average heart rate: 181 bpm URL: